Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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LeWaOS 6.0

LeWaOS 6.0 by hollydenis SuperLight
This firmware to replace the kernel on the stock with minimal interference, corrected buid.prop, set the sound engine SONY. Updated some applications, some icons changed. I put the radio firmware SONY. Added topic for the weather like on screen, set as a normal application. Pochstil profile system as much as much as possible, there are no services google.
Apply the following patch;
1. Russian bar in the correct PIM.apk + search on the "ABC"
2. Edit LewaAntitheft (antitheft) for phone numbers in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
3. Translation Chinese inscriptions on the last tab LewaPlayer
4. Translation: In the gallery when selecting folders with pictures OK button has a Chinese inscription
5. Text Color pop-up SMS is determined by the subject (instead of white)
6. Add item "menu Engineering" in the "For Developers"
7. Set the recording format to mp4 video, and photos in the JPEG quality 100%
8. Full name of the caller on the call screen in several lines
9. Photo caller for the whole
10. Change of address jumps file epo.dat (GPS)
11. Unlock hidden alarm settings
12. The minimum delay for closing the application "Back" button (as MIUI)
13. Fix restart Processor MTK6589 when receiving SMS "="
14. Fix the name of the sender in the SMS: instead of "N" shows the correct name
15. Fix Pack Templates SMS Chinese
16. Mute "Beep" when adjusting the volume
17. Replacing PowerProfile for a correct display of the flow of charge
18. Remove the keyboard icon in the status bar
19. Change the color of text in strange ToastFrame
20. Open all ranges for WiFi (subject to hardware support WiFi-adapter)
21. Disable cache scroll through the list of contacts for a smooth
22. Increase the size of avatars of contacts
23. Change places priority notification LED and batteries
24. The charge indicator lights up in green only when 100%
25. Remove integrity check apk + Signature Verification always true
26. Contacts in two rows in the contact list
27. Remove contacts in Yellow Pages Group added
28. Adding translation settings intelligent avatar (Chinese No - cancel)
29. Speed display in the status bar (B / s, K / s, etc.) and the traffic (B, KB, and the like) in Russian
30. The color of text and background in the subject is determined by the applications (for LewaPackageInstaller, LewaUpdater, LewaDeskClock)
31. Unlock settings "Frequency LED-notification"
32. Razbrokiroval settings "Awakening the volume button"