Saturday, June 13, 2015

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Fun touch Os rom.

Funtouch OS firmware is based on Android 4.2.2 with deep processing. 
The firmware bunch of cool chips. Very smooth and beautiful. 
Gorgeous Hi-Fi sound. In terms of RAM eats about 350-450 MB. 
Sewn WSM-Tools and GravityBox (this is in case someone is not convenient to use the tiles in taskkillere and not as before in the notification bar).
The fact that the notice - if the number is in the book is written with 8912 ******* and entering it when displayed as ******* 7912, it is displayed as an unknown number. 
Not a complete translation (with time I think it will be resolved). 
I noticed the flash does not work. 
If you go to settings - memory. Crash launcher. But if you change the language to English, then everything is fine shows. Not critical. All because of the substitution memory is likely. 
The rest is nothing to be seen.

Sorry guys I can't fix the bugs. Cause it is too much tricky.
But I've figured out an alternative way. The problem of calling(no number) can be fixed only by installing the app named "L-call free".
Otherwise it is a good rom. It is my first video review. I hope you'll like it.
Share it. Like it. 


  1. I think you guys aren't being appreciated enough. Have you considered making a Facebook group or Page for Q800KitKatROMS? You may share the link in the current Xolo group. A huge number of members there have Q800.

    1. We'll consider that. Thank you for your support bro... :)