Thursday, June 30, 2016

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China Developer ROM 6.6.23 Full Changelog



New - App lock: Unlock all apps at once (06-23)
Optimization - Loading speed for the first reboot after OTA (06-21)
Optimization - Loading speed increased twice for the first reboot after OTA (support for 6.0 devices) (06-21)
Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimization - Floating notification format for incoming calls (06-22)
Fix - Errors on Wi-Fi details page (06-22)
New - App lock: Unlock all apps at once (06-22)
Fix - FC issues with Sogou handwritten input (06-21)

Recommended Feature for This Week:System

Optimization - Reducing first system booting time by 50% for OTA Updates and Recovery Updates
There are over a thousand optimizations in MIUI 8, please allow me to introduce some new features for you!
- Brand new design
- Second space
- Support for cloning most apps
- Long screenshots
- New Calculator
- New scanner
- Shortcut menu
- Mi Lanting font
- Support for speech-to-text output in Recorder
- Special effects for video editing
- New templates for Notes
- Redesigned Task Manager
- Redesigned Gallery
- Smart menu for editing text
- Wallpaper Carousel
- All-new Battery saver
- Recognition for fraudulent messages
Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
Optimization - Can't unlock Second space with Mi Band (06-14)
Fix - Couldn't see percentage progress of the system updates (06-14)
New - New power saving algorithm for automatic updates (06-14)
Fix - Problems with "Install" button in Downloads (06-14)
New - New design (06-15)
New - Customizable Beautify (06-15)
New - Support for Traditional Chinese and English (06-15)
Optimization - 16 new animations (06-15)
Optimization - Minor adjustments and improvements (06-15)
Mi Drop
Fix - Mi Drop could not find the receiver after GPS was closed (06-07)
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Flatty Ui (By Alice Team) updated with 3.3 & 3.4 versions

Flatty v.3.0
List of changes
01. Large-scale changes in the interface for the entire system. ...
02. Fixed working Root access.
03. Fixed screen Charge the phone off.
04. Replaced the icons of system applications.
05. Additional new features in the settings.
06. Firmware is absolutely free.
08. Report a bug, you can send directly from our Alice applications.
09. Changed the graphics part.
10. In the setting of some of the items have been moved to the items - categories.
11. Vibrant and bright colors have been replaced by more discreet.
12. Added ability to switch to the quick settings directly from the notification bar.
13. Food Menu curtain replaced by button, when clicked, climbs dialogue.
14. The shutter added user profile. For smali thanks FMD.
15. The firmware already built-Gapps, so place them will not have to.


Minimal UI: Flatty v.3.1:
01. Redesigned dialer.
02. Processed screen incoming / outgoing calls. ...
03. Fixed display of call history.
04. Changed some graphics in the contacts.
05. Changed the icons in the status bar.
06. Replaced flashlight application.
07. All applications replace the icon in the launcher.
Minimal UI: Flatty v.3.2:
01. Fixed display network indicator in the status bar.
02. Edited status bar icons.
03. Changed display elements of "cap" curtain.
04. Added the display of the day of the week under the clock in the curtain.
05. Slightly edited rapid adjustment.
06. Added brightness slider shutter.
07. Changed some graphics in the contacts and dialer.
08. In the Contact Search button and add a new contact moved down in the katabatic Kitkata.
09. I changed the color of the contacts.
10. Align text notifications in curtain.
11. Fixed display of fast setting in landscape mode.

12.Zamenena oboina "default" if you want to put it, select it in the settings.


Minimal UI: Flatty
List of changes v.3.3:
01. Fixed the color of the text in the dialer when no calls.
02. The dialer adds animation clicking History.
03. We have replaced the dialer icon.
04. Replaced the icons of some system applications.
05. Added our news app.
06. Another portion of the changes in the schedule for the entire system.
08. The panel selected applications moved to the box recently run (by a vote).
09. In Settings - Minimal UI item was added to the settings panel of selected applications.
10. In the settings you removed the name of the category list.
11. Calculator interface changes (still in beta version).
12. Substituted font names in application launcher.
13. Replaced by a more interesting indicator of desktops in the launcher.
14. Well, even small hardly noticeable pravochki.
01. Replaced smali for the color status bar.
02. Includes auto-dimming color status bar if it is white.
03. Edited points detection, which is determined by the color of the status bar ..
04. Slightly modified cap in the curtain.
05. Fixed time display notifications curtain.
06. Changed volume bar.
08. Replaced the icons in the panel volume.
09. Fixed display of the same icons in the volume bar for the media and for the system volume.

Sunday, February 14, 2016



1. Nice & Interactive UI. (Different than most of the roms)
2. Best ram management. (>450 free)
3. Fast and fluid. (It may lag a bit at first boot but it will be after that.)
4. Dual Sim 3G.
4. Rest find out yourself.


Kernel: (Only flash if you want better cam quality).

Dolby ATMOS: (To get better sound)


1. You are responsible for everything you do to your device. I won't take any responsibility if your device bites you 
2. Reboot to recovery. Use TWRP 2.8.x.
3. Wipe everything except internal and external storage.
4. Flash rom and kernel and Dolby atmos.
5. Reboot & Enjoy.

Rom Dev: Turkdevs forum
Ported By: Haseeb Ashraf

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